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Meet the Ortus team: a chat with Enia Mapa

Enia Mapa’s versatility has catapulted her to be one of the pillars of The Ortus Club. Starting off as a Project Coordinator and then shifting her talents towards HR, Enia has brought a sense of resilience and belonging to the team. We asked her what she’s most excited about for the future of Ortus.

Tell us about your role at Ortus and how you got there.

I am currently the Director of Talent and Projects at The Ortus Club. I’ve been with the team for almost 2 years and it’s definitely been a rollercoaster ride. I started off as a Project Coordinator, meaning I would organise events, working under a client director. After 8 months, I requested to help out with HR because it was an area that had always interested me and I had seen there was space for improvement in that department. 

One thing I love about working with The Ortus Club is that if you have an idea, the initiative to make it happen plus a realistic plan, you’re usually given the liberty to try and implement it. This is how I felt about HR and thanks to that, I’ve been able to help our company grow from 12 to 25 people, and we’re still expanding! I think one of the reasons I’ve been able to excel in this role is because I took the initiative to ask for what I wanted and the team believed in me and my capabilities. I remember being nervous about representing The Ortus Club at one of our events in Australia all by myself, and our managing director saying “buck up, you will be fine”, I realised then how much I was valued by the company and how I just needed to believe in myself to take on these types of responsibilities. 


What first made you join the Ortus team?

I heard about The Ortus Club through my university facebook group. It interested me because it was an innovative idea that involved both travel and meeting people. I honestly didn’t know if it was going to be the right fit for me, but when I met the young team of people striving to make an impact and create something new, I knew I would enjoy working here. I thought it was great that I got to meet the managing partners during the initial interview and the fact that everyone was so hands on.


What do you like the most about working with Ortus? 

As mentioned above, I love how there are many growth possibilities within the company. If you have the initiative, ambition and skills you will be rewarded and valued. I enjoy how we focus on results and dedication too. We’re a small team that works very hard to achieve impressive results.

At The Ortus Club we’re given the liberty to speak our minds and share our own ideas. Of course, this can be tough as you need to be brave enough to speak your mind and defend your plans, but it’s made me a more confident and determined person. 

We work with people from many different backgrounds, we’re an international team and sometimes it can be tough because different cultures don’t always follow the same social cues and we definitely don’t all communicate in the same way. Nevertheless, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s given me a worldly experience and I’ve become a much better team leader because of it. I am also exposed to senior executives from all over the world and this has enriched my speaking and relationship-building skills. 


A lot of things changed for businesses all over the world this year, especially in the events industry. Do you think your role changed as a consequence? How?

Yes, I do believe my role has changed. With many people working from home, I have realised that now more than ever, I need my role to focus on people’s well-being and stress levels. 

In the events industry, I would say I am finding it more challenging to organise and host online events as opposed to physical ones as we need more people helping out on the day due to the additional logistics. In physical events we would only need 1 person on-site to host them. Now, we need at least 2-3 people for each session. On the bright side, I do feel like we have a much deeper connection with our clients, the small talk is more sincere since each person is coping with the pandemic differently. 


What’s one thing you are excited about, thinking about the future of Ortus?


Building a strong team! I’ve been with The Ortus Club for almost 2 years and I’m excited to help us grow into an ever larger and more efficient team. 

Interested in joining our team? Find out more at www.ortusclub.com/careers-ortus or email us at careers@ortusclub.com

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Martie BautistaMeet the Ortus team: a chat with Enia Mapa

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