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Meet the Ortus team: a chat with Gillian Mamaclay

Since 2018, Gillian has developed her skills as a quick thinker who is able to adapt easily to new situations. Now, as The Ortus Club’s Head of Operations, she is looking to build on these to further expand and develop events in new regions!

Tell us about your role at The Ortus Club and how you got there. 

I started as a project coordinator in 2018, and I am now the Head of Operations. After leaving university, I joined the company, so I had to learn quickly to adapt to the world of work, especially as I was given a lot of responsibility and accountability from the outset. But the support I had to make decisions and learn from them has made me a more confident and participative person in the company. I know The Ortus Club will continue to support me in my future personal growth along with the company’s growth.

What is it like to lead the Operations team? 

Leading the Operations team is challenging but also inspiring. The Ortus Club is growing very rapidly, and so many changes are being made for Operations to continue moving forward. As the department with the highest number of employees in the company, bringing everyone along when changes happen requires all team members to be flexible. Our processes and tools are continually evolving, and yet the team adapts to these new ideas and is creative in integrating them into current strategies. My team’s determination and hard work inspires me to do better every day.  

What are the values of The Ortus Club that drive you? 

Transparency and Trust. From my first day, it was already apparent that these two values were essential to the company, and it’s great to see that this still holds today, despite the company growing in size. Transparency enables everyone to voice their opinions, especially younger team members, who often lack the confidence to speak up. The trust that the company places in every staff member means this has fostered a strong sense of team spirit, which makes working together much more effective.  

What do you like the most about working with The Ortus Club? 

What I like most about working with the company is that by involving my team in strategy-planning, we come up with new innovative ideas regularly and, at the same time, are starting to capitalise on each other’s strengths. 

What’s one thing you are excited about for the future of The Ortus Club? 

I’m excited about hosting events in new regions. I have previously organised pilot projects in regions where the company is looking to expand. This brings new challenges from an operational standpoint as we have to get creative in our strategies and our approach. At times, this can be daunting, but the operations team responds well under pressure, and this is when our strengths come to the fore.  

Interested in joining our team? Find out more at www.ortusclub.com/careers-ortus or email us at careers@ortusclub.com

Martie BautistaMeet the Ortus team: a chat with Gillian Mamaclay

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