Moderating an Ortus event

Facilitate an Executive Knowledge-Sharing Discussion

Why moderate an Ortus event?


We invite moderators to facilitate physical and virtual discussions, guiding our participants through the conversation and ultimately orchestrating the theme of each event.

  1. Exposure: our events aim to remain neutral and, as such, long presentations and sales pitches are highly discouraged even by the brand supporting each discussion. As a result, moderators are the ones often getting a lot of the attention as they are the ones asking questions, getting participants to share their thoughts and ultimately orchestrating the conversation.
  2. Personal development: we take on the hard work of gathering a group of senior executives willing to share their experiences and answer questions on specific topics. As the moderator, you will have the unique opportunity to learn about current industry trends and issues as well as get answers to the questions you will raise.
  3. Credibility and prestige: being associated with a specific topic and being the one asking thought-provoking questions, provides you with the chance of reinforcing or establishing your image as a passionate expert of that theme. 
  4. Networking opportunity: getting a group of c-level executives to dedicate a couple of hours of their time to you is not easy. Getting them to do it all the same time, is even harder. By moderating, will have the opportunity to be at the centre of a conversation with top business leaders and decision-makers in the country.

We are always open to collaborating with well-spoken, confident, and quick-witted speakers capable of leading intimate groups of executives through engaged and informative discussions.

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“The best moderators offer insight, perspective, and thoughtfulness. They create the energy of the room.”

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