The Ortus Club

Executive Knowledge Sharing

The Ortus Club hosts enjoyable and constructive events for the c-level

Upcoming Discussions

Past Discussions

The M Lunch

Philippines | 20th of January 2017

The Apollo Dinner

Singapore | 30th of November 2016

The Iris Dinner

Manila | 16th November 2016

The Plutus Dinner

Singapore | 29th of September 2016

The Clio Dinner

Hong Kong | 27th of September 2016

Harley’s Cocktails

Manila | 15th September 2016

The Secret HR Soiree

Manila | 2nd August 2016

The Aura Dinner

Manila | 27th July 2016

Peer Advisory Groups

The CIO Group


The CFO Group

Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Curated Insights

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