Ortus Executive Group – Marketing, Mid-Sized Corporate Law

A niche digital knowledge sharing group for marketing leaders within mid-sized corporate law firms

This exclusive group meets online once every other week for 2 hours to discuss pertinent issues, share knowledge, and offer support to peers. The session is professionally chaired to ensure constructive sessions take place and participation in the group is strictly via invitation or application only to ensure that all members are from a similar role and background to ensure relevancy. This group is for b2b marketing leaders from global, mid-sized corporate law firms.

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An exclusive knowledge-sharing group for b2b leaders of medium sized corporate law firms

Group meetings take place every other Wednesday, 4 pm GMT, 11 am ET. Each session is 120 minutes and will be professionally chaired.

Next sessions:

  • 10th February 2021 – Session I
  • 24th February – Session II
  • 10th March 2021 – Session III
  • 24th March 2021 – Session IV
  • 7th April 2021 – Session V
  • 21st April 2021 – Session VI
  • 5th May 2021 – Session VII
  • 19th May 2021 –  Session VIII
  • 2nd June 2021 – Session IX
  • 16th June 2021 – Session X
  • 30th June 2021 – Session XI
  • 14th July 2021 – Session XII
  • 28th July 2021 – Session XIII
  • 4th August 2021 – Session XIV
  • Director, Operations and Marketing at 
  • Marketing Director at 
  • Global Chairperson of Business Development & Marketing at 
  • Head of Marketing & Business Development at
  • Head of Marketing, Europe at Morrison and Foerster
  • + other marketing heads from mid-sized corporate law firms

This group is for marketing heads and decision-makers within mid-sized corporate law firms. Most members are from firms that have approximately 25-100 lawyers.

  • Access to new knowledge and information on best practices
  • Inspiration for personal and company development
  • A dedicated group focused on delivering tangible benefits and outcomes
  • A network of like-minded peers in a similar role to yourself that can hold you to account

6-month membership (2000 USD)

  • 1 trail session (Free cancellation after 1st session)
  • 12 additional sessions (1 every other week)
  • Professional chair at each session to steer the discussion
  • Recording of each session with curated minutes
  • Hot Seating opportunity
  • Access to nucleus platform (a digital platform to exchange goals and ideas)
  • Knowledge expert in attendance at every other session
  • Minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 other group members that match your position and seniority

Next session: 10th February 2020

Register below to express interest in the group and a Ortus team member will be in touch regarding the next steps.

Alternatively you can reach out directly to the group manager, Samuel Adcock, (sja@ortusclub.com, +442032872013).

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