The Cyber Security Masterclass

A masterclass for Cyber Security and IT Managers, and Technical Buyers of prominent companies based in Sydney

The Future of Cyber Security in Australia


Today’s attackers are stronger and more sophisticated than ever. As a consequence, government and media scrutiny around data, privacy and internet security has grown. More public APIs, the shift towards cloud, and increasing third-party integrations also mean a greater attack surface area.

We will be discussing:

  • Will cyber threats only get worse? How?
  • How are companies combating the biggest and newest security attacks without sacrificing performance?
  • Which are the most vulnerable security aspects?

2:00 pm: Registration, Networking and Refreshments
2:30 pm: Cyber Security Masterclass by Cloudflare
3:30 pm: Workshop and Roundtable Discussion
5:00 pm: Networking Drinks

QT Sydney
49 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Thursday, 7th of November 2019

QT Sydney, Sydney

Attended by:

Chief Product Officer at Auraya
Head of Cyber Security (Sales and Delivery) at Tata Consultancy Services
Head of Information Security at GenesisCare
Head of Information Technology at Brightside Co
Head of Internal Audit at Greenstone Financial Services
Head of Risk, Compliance and Cyber Security at ANZ Banking
Head of Security at Deputy
Director and Principal Consultant at RMS Tech
Senior Consultant at Ernest and Young
Consultant, Information Security at Westpac
Consultant, Technology and Cyber Security Risk at The Centium Group
Associate Director of Cyber Risk, Governance and Assurance at Macquarie Group
General Manager, Information Technology at Prosegur Australia
Senior Manager, Cyber Security and Privacy Technology Consulting at Protiviti
Infrastructure Manager at Tambla
Project Manager, Information Security Strategic Portfolio at Westpac
Service Portfolio Manager, Information Technology Operations at Western Sydney University
Manager, Cyber Security at Crestone
Manager, Data Science and Analytics at Australian Red Cross
Manager, Information and Communications Technology at PAYCE
Manager, Information Security at 86 400
Manager, Information Technology and Service Operations at Richard Crookes Constructions
Manager at Protiviti
Senior Network Engineer, Network Security Support at ASG
Network Security Engineer at ASG
Software Engineer at Qantas
Senior Solutions Architect, Security at Westpac
Senior Security Architect at Westpac
Solution Architect, Managed Security Services at Tata Consultancy Services
Senior Security Architect at Westpac
Software Architect at RxMx
Digital Architect at AMP
Staff Engineer at Atlassian
Technical Instructor, Cyber Security at DDLS
Human Resources and Marketing at RMS Tech

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