The Digital Identity Panel Discussion

An exclusive online discussion for digital transformation leaders across Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Hosted by InfoCert, The Digital Identity Panel Discussion is set up to offer an intimate online forum for digital transformation leaders from prominent firms across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Our discussions are designed to be very inclusive and interactive, ensuring to leverage the wealth of experience from your senior peers.

Job titles include CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CSOs, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Business Devs, Heads and Directors of Digital Transformation from prominent firms across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Attendance is by invitation only and is, of course, complimentary.

Digital Identity: a Strategic Asset for Business Transformation

Covid-19 is catapulting the entire economy several years forward in its evolution toward digital transformation. In order to guarantee business continuity, many companies are accelerating the digitisation of processes enabling remote interactions as this is crucial to attract and retain customers.

Securing digital transactions plays a key role in standing up to competition granting compliance and improving efficiency of processes. With more and more transactions being online or automated, who guarantees that digital transactions are secure and legally binding?

Moreover, it is essential to enable the remote approval process with full legal validity to guarantee compliance in archiving documents and improve overall efficiency.

  • Why are digital trust services crucial to enable digital transformation?
  • Which type of digital trust services should organisations start with? Which business areas should be prioritised? 
  • Why is digital identity a fundamental step in all digital transactions?
  • What are the current main innovations and value creation opportunities around digital identity services?

1:50 pm:  Guests to check-in online 
2:00 pm:  Presentation by the CMO of InfoCert
2:10 pm:  Panel Discussion with InfoCert & key participants
2:30 pm:  Q&A from the audience
3:30 pm:  End of session

Thursday, 26th of November, 2020

2:00 PM CET

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