The Ortus Club and Zendesk would like to invite you to participate in the Customer Experience Showcase Taipei.

We are bringing together senior peers involved in improving the customer experience within their respective organisations for an afternoon of learning and topical discussion.

As well as hearing from our expert speakers, we will be discussing how consumer expectations and technology continue to evolve and how local and multinationals alike are adapting to this change.




This event is for senior peers interested in driving change within customer experience. Attendees are from both local and multinational companies located in Taipei.

Relevant job titles include: Chiefs, Directors and Heads of CX, Customer, Operations, Digital, Success and Marketing.

Attendance is by invitation only and is complimentary for those invited.

2.00 pm – 報到 | Register

2.30 pm – 主題: 客戶策略體驗 | Topic: Customer Strategy Experience, Malcolm Koh, Zendesk

3.00 pm – 體驗與未來對話 | Experience the conversation with the future – Yu-Hsuan Chao, Zendesk

3.30 pm – 中場休息 | Break

3.45 pm – 全通路體驗示範 | Full channel experience demonstration – Jamie Ong, Zendesk

4.15 pm – 討論時間: 為客戶如何調整方向 | Discussion Time: How to Adjust Direction for Customers – Yu-Hsuan Chao, Zendesk – Clement Tang, 91App – Henry Chiang, Gogoro

5.00pm – 餐點時光 | Refreshments








Madison Taipei Hotel

No. 331號, Section 1, Dunhua South Road,

Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10685


Jamie Ong
技術顧問 Zendesk
Yu-Hsuan Chao
產品經理 Zendesk
Henry Chiang
Clement Tang

Malcolm Koh,

客戶體驗策略師, Zendesk (Moderator)


墨西哥城– 2019年3月19日
达拉斯 – 2019年4月10日
纽约 – 2019年5月22日
伦敦 – 2019年6月12日
芝加哥 – 2019年7月18日
墨尔本– 8月15日
新加坡– 9月11日
墨尔本 – 8月15日
香港 – 2019年3月12日
台北– 2019年3月7日


The Taipei Showcase is one stop in a series of showcase events The Ortus Club and Zendesk have hosted globally. Other locations include:

Ciudad de México – 19th March 2019
Dallas – April 10th 2019
New York – May 22nd 2019
London – June 12th 2019
Chicago – July 18th 2019
São Paulo – August 7th 2019
Melbourne – August 15th 2019
Singapore – September 11th 2019
Shangai- October 22nd 2019
Hong Kong – October 23rd 2019

Please click on the respective link to details of the event.

  • Director of Digital Platform at HTC
  • Quality Assurance & Customer Advocacy Director, Acer BYOC Business Group at Acer
  • Customer Engagement and Experience Manager at Insto
  • Director of Operations at LaserTec
  • Head of Stategy at SOSV
  • Director of Engineer at Geothermal Engineering
  • CEO at Portto
  • CEO at Creative Value Global
  • Director at Reallusion Inc.
  • Co-Founder at Cartesi
  • CEO at Titoma
  • Customer Success Leader at Wunderman Thompson
  • Head of Marketing at Gamania Group
  • Other Customer Experience Decision Makers from Prominent Companies


  • HTCd的數字平臺總監
  • Acer BYOC雲端服務的質量監管和客戶支持總監
  • Insto的客戶溝通和客戶體驗經理
  • LaserTec的運營總監
  • SOSV的戰略負責人
  • Geothermal Engineering的工程師總監
  • Portto的首席執行官
  • Creative Value Global的首席執行官
  • Reallusion股份有限公司的董事
  • Cartesi的聯合創始人
  • Titoma的首席執行官
  • Wunderman Thompson的客戶負責人
  • Gamania集團的營銷主管
  • 知名公司的其他客戶體驗決策者

會議中會提供英文和中文同傳翻譯 | Discussions are both in English and in Chinese


Wednesday, 27th of November 2019

请用下列表格报名,或者您可直接联系主办单位Mara。 (mara@ortusclub.com).

Please register to attend on the form below, alternatively you can email the organiser, Mara (mara@ortusclub.com)

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