The Future of Smart Cities Breakfast Discussion

An exclusive breakfast discussion for corporate executives responsible for workplace strategy

Hosted by Savills, this breakfast discussion is set up to offer a relaxed and intimate forum for real-estate executives, and those responsible for workplace decisions, based in Singapore. The purpose of the breakfast is to bring senior peers together, who may be going through similar challenges and create an environment where free thinking, thought-provoking discussion can occur.

In this session, we will be discussing the use of big data in customizing the workplace of the future.

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Directors and relevant executives who are responsible for their companies workplace strategy.

Job titles include but are not limited to,  CFOs, CEOs, COOs, Heads of Corporate Real Estate and others.

You can see a list of previous attendees on our past events page seen here.

How Smart, Renewable Cities Are Paving the Future of Real Estate

Cities expand to accommodate the growing number of businesses and their need to acquire spaces for their companies. The more buildings and offices are erected, the more natural energy gets consumed. But what will happen when this energy source becomes fully depleted? In the effort to avoid the answer to the inevitable, businesses and conglomerates are slowly starting to adapt to a more sustainable, green energy consumption plan. This plan consists of depending on renewable power and energy sources such as hydropower, solar and wind energy.

This dependency on energy has made cities start to adapt to a greener, smarter approach. Smart Renewable Cities (SRC’s) are seen as conducive to job creation and innovation as they foster economic growth since renewables are competitive with controversial sources. SRC’s also focus on providing benefits such as better quality of life for residents, visitors, and businesses alike, foster economic competitiveness to attract industry and talent and provide an environmentally conscious focus on sustainability.  With these points in mind, it is easy to see why smart cities are the cities of the future – providing sustainable solutions while promoting economic growth and opportunity.

6:30 pm Arrival of guests and reception

7:00 pm Introduction by Ortus

7:10 pm Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group

7:45 pm Starters served

8:00 pm Discussion brought to a close and guests are encouraged to continue networking

9:00 pm Change of seats before dessert

Artemis Grill


This breakfast discussion is part of a series of dinner and breakfast discussions being held under the Ortus CRE Network, a global network of executives responsible for real estate decisions within their respective organizations.

Upcoming and past events, as well as curated insights from our discussions,  can be seen on The Ortus CRE Network’s page seen here. 

  • Partner, & CEO at Mercer
  • Partner at Ashurst
  • Partner at Allen & Gledhill
  • CEO at BankBazaar
  • CFO, COO, Head of Services at Allianz
  • CFO at Aspire Lifestyles
  • Senior Vice President at BASF South East Asia
  • General Manager, SEA at Clifford Chance
  • Group Finance Director at Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd
  • Managing Director at Expedia

Wednesday, 11th of September 2019


Please apply below to attend The Breakfast Discussion. Note that attendance is by invitation only and complimentary for those invited.

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