The Future of Training in the Consumer Goods and Services Sectors


April 20th, 2021

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


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The future of training in the consumer goods and services sector

The consumer goods industry uses Dynamics 365 Remote Assist/Guides to enhance learning digitally, standardize processes and reduce the cost of changeovers. This is especially true for companies with plants running multiple products per line per day. Due to the complexity and expense involved in training and the reliance on real-time inspections, traditional methods prove unsustainable. 

Managing a single production line that requires an inspection every time the company alternates between products can incur great expense, and the reasons why are becoming a hot topic. In the current industry climate, in-person classroom training is simply not an option, while regular external support can get expensive fast. This leaves companies with little choice but to embrace new ways of working and innovative service solutions.

  • How can CPG companies with high-frequency changeovers keep costs manageable?
  • How can consumer goods leaders ensure adequate employee and personnel training?
  • What are the challenges associated with onboarding experts for on-site training?
  • What are the tools available for a seamless training experience? How do they reflect on the bottom line?

This event is tailored to senior leaders in the CPG industry.

Job titles include but are not limited to Chief, VPs, Heads, Directors, Managers responsible for Customer Service, Field Service, HR, Technology, Operations, and the like.


Dan Cefaratti
North America Field Service Lead

Dan is the North America Field Service Lead at Avanade with 20 years of experience in the CRM, ERP, and Field Service industry. He thrives on helping customers succeed in deploying Field Service and related IoT and Extended Reality solutions by driving best practices and business strategy.

Dan has a strong passion for Field Service and has helped this space innovate with mobility, predictive analytics, mixed reality, and route optimization, which drive increases in customer satisfaction, service revenue, while at the same time driving out operating expenses in the Field Services industry.


11:50 AM: Guest Login

12:00 PM: Introduction and welcome remarks

12:05 PM: The need for remote assist: First-line workers need new forms of collaboration


How can remote assist help?

Remote Assist Program Benefits

Remote Assist Product Features

Remote Assist and Mixed Reality Demonstration

1:00 PM: End of session

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