The Hera Virtual Roundtable

An exclusive online discussion for cyber security executives across Europe, Middle East & Africa

Hosted by BlueVoyant, The Hera Virtual Roundtable was set up to offer an intimate online forum for cyber security executives from prominent firms across Europe, Middle East & Africa. This virtual roundtable will discuss how organisations can triage, prioritise, and remediate risks in their supply chains as well as cut through the barrage of data and tailor the approach according to each risk.

Our discussions are very much inclusive and involve all the wealth of experience from senior peers.

Cyber-Resilience: a modernised approach to third-party cyber-risk management

Organisations today have hugely interconnected supply chains that are inevitably open to cyber disasters either directly or indirectly through vulnerable vendors. The recent pandemic has shown businesses all over the world how much they rely on a smooth supply chain and the real effect any disruption can have. 

Yet, many businesses are unsure about where to start when managing cyber risks across their entire supply chain including those posed by third parties that invariably outweigh the resources available.

  • Is it possible to effectively and efficiently manage cyber risk throughout the entire supply chain ecosystem?
  • What are the best techniques to assess cyber risks for organisations with a very large number of suppliers?
  • How can businesses improve their cyber-security resilience by modernising their approach to cyber risk management in the supply chain?

2:20 pm: Login of the guests
2:30 pm: Welcome by The Ortus Club and short address from BlueVoyant
2:45 pm: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
4:00 pm: Discussion brought to a close and guests are encouraged to continue networking

Robert Hannigan

Chairman, BlueVoyant International 

Robert holds a deep background in cybersecurity & conflict, currently serving as the Chairman of BlueVoyant International. With over 20 years of public service, he held the position as Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s, Security Adviser & Principal Adviser in the Northern Ireland Peace Process. He was awarded the US Intelligence Distinguished Public Service Medal and was honoured for his services to the UK National Security by Queen Elizabeth. 

Robert was previously the director of UK’s largest intelligence & security agency, the GCHQ. At his time there, he forefronted the UK’s National Cybersecurity Centre and pioneered the Active Cyber Defense program.

BlueVoyant is an expert-driven cybersecurity services company whose mission is to proactively defend organizations of all sizes against today’s constant, sophisticated attackers and advanced threats. 

Led by CEO, Jim Rosenthal, BlueVoyant’s highly skilled team includes former government cyber officials with extensive frontline experience in responding to advanced cyber threats on behalf of the National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Unit 8200 and GCHQ, together with private sector experts. BlueVoyant services utilize large real-time datasets with industry leading analytics and technologies.

  • Global CISO at ING
  • Head of Next Generation Network at Credit Suisse
  • Head of Cyber Security at Banco Santander
  • Head of CPT Fraud at Nedbank 
  • Head of Digital Security at HSBC
  • Director of Cyber Security at UBS

Thursday, 16th of July, 2020

2:30 PM BST

Attended by:

CISO at Egypt Land Bank
CISO at Borgun
CISO, Head & Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Public Investment Fund
Head of Application Engineering at Nordea 
Head of Cyber Security at Banco Santander
Director of Cyber Security at UBS
Manager of Client Solutions Strategy at BBVA
Manager of IT Service at UBS
Executive of Data Integration at Nedbank
Information Security Specialist at Swedbank
BBVA at NLB Bank & Singidunum University

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