Intelligent Automation in Epidemic Containment Efforts

An exclusive webinar for Operations, IT, and HR Leaders of prominent private and public hospitals in the APAC region

Hosted by Automation Anywhere, the webinar on ‘Intelligent Automation in Epidemic Containment Efforts‘ was set up to offer an online forum for Operations, IT, and HR leaders of prominent private and public hospitals in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Intelligent Automation in Epidemic Containment Efforts

During an infectious disease outbreak, containment efforts like contact tracing is important to help isolate suspect and confirm cases and to avoid or reduce community transmission.

Contact tracing team will extensively analyse the activity maps of the confirmed cases, conduct interviews to establish a detailed map of possible transmission across the different cases. Quick response is critical to connect or identify the clusters to contain the outbreak.

  • Faced with a huge volume of data and running against time, how can automation value-add to the contact tracing process and aid in the containment effort?
  • How the contact tracing process from data extraction, risk categorization to next action for each category type can be automated?
  • Real-time tracking and reporting of vital epidemic data across multiple sources of information

Serene Keng
Senior Director, Strategic Partnership, ASEAN
Automation Anywhere


Sundarraj Subramani
Partner Success Manager, ASEAN
Automation Anywhere

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2nd of April 2020

2:00 PM – SGT

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