The IT Leaders’ Virtual Roundtable

An exclusive online discussion for IT leaders across Southeast Asia

Hosted by Aryaka, The IT Leaders’ Virtual Roundtable is set up to offer an intimate online forum for manufacturing leaders from prominent firms across Southeast Asia. 

Our discussions are designed to be very inclusive and interactive, ensuring to leverage the wealth of experience from your senior peers.

Job titles include CIOs, Heads & Directors of IT, VPs of Infrastructure & IT and other decision-makers responsible for IT & Infrastructure from prominent firms across Southeast Asia.

Attendance is by invitation only and is, of course, complimentary.

Optimising Connectivity for Collaboration

Cloud transformation has become an unstoppable juggernaut on top of every CIO’s agenda, especially with this year’s increase in employees working remotely. An often-overlooked consequence of this dynamic is the dramatic change in enterprise traffic patterns, along with its unprecedented effects on the architecture and design of the WAN landscape.

As businesses worldwide brace themselves for yet another wave of transformation, the need to upgrade their network environment becomes more visible. For this reason, more organisations are now adopting solutions for simplified network management and faster performance at a reduced cost. By centralising control in the cloud and combining functions at the edge, a Software-Designed Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) approach has proven to be among the most effective strategies in the post-pandemic world.

  • How are businesses dealing with the ever-changing challenges of a remote-first environment?
  • How is cloud computing likely to evolve in the coming months?
  • What tools can organisations rely on for increased IT agility and remote user productivity?

3:00 PM  Welcome by The Ortus Club and short address from Aryaka
3:10 PM  Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
4:10 PM  Discussion brought to a close

Aryaka was founded by a group of visionary entrepreneurs who found a demand to manage wide area networks that can be delivered as a consumable service. The focus was on operational simplicity and a highly responsive infrastructure experience that was constantly in tune with the demands of the business. The name, Aryaka, was derived from Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language and loosely means “the noble” or “the truthful”. For us, our customers are our truth. The company’s vision and values are therefore fueled by unbridled customer centricity and a passion to go above and beyond.

Thursday, 10th of December, 2020


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