The Marketing Leaders’ Virtual Roundtable

An exclusive online discussion for decision-makers responsible for online marketing across Asia Pacific

Insider offered an open, constructive roundtable discussion with other leading retail and beauty C-levels to share relevant use cases and insights to showcase how you can embrace the new digital landscape, exceed customer expectations and improve the overall online experience. 

Our discussions are very much inclusive and involve all the wealth of experience from the senior peers.

Accelerating Digital Personalisation: Success to Optimise Transformation in the Retail & Beauty Industry

When 97% of the global fashion industry profits are claimed by just 20 companies – 12 of which have been members of this elite group for the last 10 years – for the rest of the players in the game, the winning strategy is all about disruption: changing the norms, meeting evolving consumer preferences faster and better, not just thinking digital first but being digital first. 

Having a digital transformation strategy is an integral part of the success of any online business. Every decision stage before an acquired loyal customer goes through a customer lifecycle that plays “potential battleground where marketers can win or lose”. Directing more of your marketing power at customers in the middle of the spectrum has the potential to increase your revenue dramatically.

  • How can companies optimise strategies to create a seamless user journey across all digital channels?
  • In which ways can businesses utilise data to deliver personalised experiences to meet customers’ needs?
  • How can businesses build their analytics capability to be central to their digital teams’ operations?

2:50 pm: Guests to check-in online
3:00 pm: Welcome by The Ortus Club
3:05 pm: Introduction of participants
3:10 pm: Short address from Insider
3:15 pm: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
4:30 pm: End of session

Insider is the first integrated AI-Powered Growth Management Platform recognized by global brands across retail, travel, media finance & banking, automotive, eBetting and more. The company works with over 19 countries, helping marketers grow by delivering consistent and personalized experiences across channels.

Wednesday, 26th of August, 2020

3:00 PM (GMT+8)

Attended by:

Managing Director at Carousell
EVP of Regional Marketing at Lazada
ASVP of Enterprise at Galaxy Entertainment Group
Head of BI & CX at Foodpanda
Director of Digital Performance Media at L’Oreal
VP of Digital at SM Malls

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Martie BautistaThe Marketing Leaders’ Roundtable