The Marketing Leaders’ Virtual Roundtable

An exclusive online discussion for B2B Marketing leaders involved in the finance, marketing, and CX sectors across the United States

The Ortus Club brought together B2B marketing leaders from companies across the United States to solve internal problems in their respective finance, HR and CX sectors through the use of the most recent software solutions available. During the virtual roundtable, we were joined by an established winemaker for a 25-minute wine-tasting session.

Our discussions are very much inclusive and involve all the wealth of experience from the senior peers.

B2B in 2021: Marketing to The Right Audience

While 2020 has transformed B2B marketing, the year ahead seems to have some surprises in store! To make up for the lack of in-person networking, B2B marketers are relying on technology to push the boundaries and improve their virtual event strategies.

The approach to content has also taken a big turn with virtual likely to remain the main event format, compelling video creation and tactical SEO optimization have become even more crucial. To challenge screen fatigue and high drop-off rates associated with online events, forward-thinking marketers are shying away from product-centric functions in favor of knowledge-sharing and providing valuable advice to their target audience.

  • What are the most valuable lessons learned by B2B marketers in 2020?
  • How can networking in the new normal help organizations achieve their sales needs? How can companies ensure they market to those who matter?
  • What does B2B marketing of the future look like and how can organizations prepare for it?

3:50 pm: Guest to check-in online
4:00 pm: Ortus Master of Ceremonies opens session
4:05 pm: Introduction of Participants
4:10 pm: Wine-tasting session
4:30 pm: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
5:15 pm: End of session

The Ortus Club is an international marketing company specialised in both physical and virtual events dedicated to C-level executives. We focus on providing a neutral, pitch-free environment for decision-makers to come together and share their experiences on topical issues. The executive knowledge sharing discussions can be either industry-specific or cross-sector, and can be hosted over a three-course meal or online.

Tuesday, 26th of January, 2021

4:00 PM EST

Attended by:

Head of Global Marketing & Communications at Inspirage
Head and Sr. Director of Product Marketing at ArisGlobal
Director of Marketing at Tenable
Director of Marketing at Carta
Director of Marketing Communications at Upland Software
Director of Strategic Event Marketing at PagerDuty
Director of Partner Marketing at ZoomInfo
Director of Field Marketing at CrowdStrike
Sr. Manager of Field Marketing at Plex Systems, Inc.
Sr. Manager of Field Marketing at Freshworks
Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations at Sumo Logic
Manager at Forescout Technologies Inc.

Hosted by:

Martie BautistaThe M-Club Roundtable