The Ortus CFO Group


An exclusive knowledge sharing group for CFOs of prominent firms in Dubai


The Ortus CFO Group is an executive knowledge sharing group dedicated to CFOs and finance leaders from prominent enterprises of various sectors based in Dubai. The group meets once every two months, typically at the start of the day, in a central location to discuss topical issues and address common business challenges.  Each session is steered and moderated by a neutral group chair who will make the session engaging and constructive.

All group members will match the required seniority to ensure a common ground.

Members can share issues and challenges they are facing as well as receive support, experience or even full solutions from others who have or are going through similar issues.

February 27: “The Evolving Role of the CFO”
April 24: “The Future of Finance in the Emerging Digital Economy”
June 26: “The Evolution of the Global Marketplace Towards a Digital Economy”
August 28: “The AI Revolution in Dubai”


Members can join by invitation and approval of other members. For more information, please contact the group admin Mara De la Paz:


Past Sessions:


Dubai | 27th of February 2019

The Ava Dinner

Milan | 28th of March 2019

The Selin Dinner

Sydney | 16th of August 2017

The Mera Dinner

Brisbane | 17th of August 2017

The Kaia Dinner

Singapore | 3rd of October 2017

The Ellis Dinner

Kuala Lumpur | 20th of November 2017

The Ivy Dinner

Paris | 14th of March 2018

The Linus Dinner

London | 22nd of March 2018

The Ortus CFO Dinner

Munich | 12th of April 2018

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