The Retail Leaders’ Virtual Roundtable

An exclusive online discussion for senior retail executives across the Philippines

This virtual roundtable brought together marketing and digital transformation executives from the retail sector to discuss why eCommerce customer experience matters and what should be done about it.

The eCommerce success blueprint for retailers

The number of customers that prefer a digital buying experience is remarkably outpacing the forecasts. The online industry has matured beyond its years, and digital marketing experts are leaping on this opportunity to focus all efforts on eCommerce success.

To meet the needs of a younger and digitally educated target audience, the approach to customer acquisition and user experience must change. Sustainability, convenience, trust and efficiency are areas retailers need to take to heart in this transformation. By fully embracing the digital medium, businesses worldwide can boost sales whilst securing growth.

  • Why does eCommerce CX matter, and what should both marketing and IT leaders do about it?
  • What is involved in scaling a company’s online presence to drive increased revenue?
  • How can businesses build a true omnichannel eCommerce experience?

10:30 am:  Introduction by The Ortus Club
10:35 am:  Introduction of participants
10:45 am:  Short address from Adobe and Retail Associates
10:55 am:  Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
11:45 am:  End of Session

Tuesday, 30th of March, 2021

10:30 AM PHT

Attended by:

Head of IT at Eight-8-Ate Holdings Inc. 
Head of Digital Marketing at Terry SA Inc.
Head of e-Commerce at Johnson & Johnson
Head of Customer Service at Globoasiatico Enterprises, Inc.
Head of Omnichannel at Healthy Options
Head and VP of Digital at Primer Group of Companies
President at Eye Society Inc.
AVP of IT at Alfamart Trading, Inc. 
Director of Digital Marketing at Universal Robina Corporation
Sr. Manager of Customer Marketing at NutriAsia, Inc.

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