The Balance of Payment Crisis

A knowledge sharing group dedicated to CFOs and finance leaders of prominent enterprises in Dubai. The group meets every two months to discuss topical issues selected by the members.

8:30 AM – Introduction to The Ortus Club Group

8:45 AM – Members Introduction

9:00 AM – Breakfast

9:30 AM – Learning Session by Key Participant

10:00 AM – Group Discussion by Paul Micallef

11:00 AM – Coffee Break

11:15 AM“Hot Seating” segment

12:00 PM – Closing

The “hot seating” segment involves selecting a single member of the CFO group and giving all other members the opportunity to ask specific and pertinent questions related to his/her activities

The Balance of Payment Crisis


Wednesday, April 24th 2019


What is the CFO Group? CLICK HERE
Mara Dela PazSESSION 2 – APRIL 2019