Singapore’s Role in the Future of Healthcare

An exclusive online discussion for those looking to advance the healthcare sector, in Singapore and further afield

This virtual roundtable is set up to offer an intimate forum for executives and technology leaders within the healthcare sector in Singapore.

We will be discussing Singapore’s role in the quest for healthcare advancement, how executives and technology leaders are supporting their organisations to advance the sector and what are some of the roadblocks and hurdles that are currently standing in the way.

The discussion is designed to be very inclusive and interactive, ensuring to leverage the wealth of experience from your senior peers.

This virtual session is for executives and technology leaders within the healthcare sector and its affiliated industries.

Job titles include but are not limited to, Chiefs, Directors and SVPs or Technology, Operations and Innovation.

Attendance is by invitation only and is, of course, complimentary.

Singapore’s Role in the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical technology organisations all over the world are joining efforts as they strive to overcome the challenges brought on by the global pandemic.

The pandemic has tested every country’s healthcare system, shining a light on the weaknesses in many and demonstrating areas of excellence in others. We will bring together healthcare leaders from across Singapore, to take stock of lessons learnt and discuss what needs to be done to continue to spearhead advancement in the sector. We will be discussing:

  • The role that technology has in the advancement of the sector and how COVId-19 has accelerated its necessity.
  • Singapore’s role in the advancement of healthcare and how it can remain a key player.
  • Hurdles and roadblocks preventing the sector from progressing and what can be done to overcome these challenges.

2:30 pm: Introductions of Guests and Host
2:45 pm: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
3:20 pm: End of session

The Ortus Club is a specialist company that creates knowledge sharing sessions, both virtual and physical, for discerning business executives.

  • SVP at Agilent
  • Regional Director, at Baxter
  • Country Division Head Pharmaceuticals at Bayer
  • Vice President of Clinical Operations at Parexel International
  • Head of Medical, APAC at Bayer
  • Head of Healthcare at Aon Care
  • Senior Vice President at ResMed Asia
  • Head of Regional Export at Sanofi
  • Senior VP, Supply Chain function at Biosensors Interventional
  • Senior Director at Amgen
  • VP, International at AstraZeneca

Thursday, 3rd of December, 2020

2:30 PM SGT

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