The CxO Leaders Roundtable

An exclusive luncheon for senior CxO executives across Sydney

Hosted by Google Chrome Enterprise, the CxO Leaders Roundtable is set up to offer an intimate online forum for CxO leaders from prominent firms in Sydney. 

Our discussions are designed to be very inclusive and interactive, ensuring to leverage the wealth of experience from your senior peers.

Experts include COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CXOs, CISOs, Heads of Strategy and other senior decision-makers in Sydney.

Attendance is by invitation only and is, of course, complimentary.

The future of computing showed up early

Although it has long been the golden standard, VDI is now being challenged by the continued development and adoption of SaaS. The concept of powerful cloud-based computing on speedy and cost-effective tech is increasingly appealing. 

VDI gives companies control with the internal management of both hardware and software, while SaaS boasts end-user agility combined with significant cost savings. Key differences between the two will play out even further following the outbreak of COVID-19, which has accelerated the necessity of the remote worker. What we thought would be five years out is now.

  • How do companies balance between VDI and SAAS?
  • What do 5 years from now look like when it comes to employee computing experiences? 
  • What is end-user computing like in the new hybrid world of work?

11:30 am: Arrival of guests and Drinks reception
12:00 pm: Welcome by The Ortus Club and a short address by Google Chrome Enterprise
12:10 pm: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group over lunch
  1:30 pm: Lunch discussion comes to a close and continuation of networking

Google Chrome Enterprise is the business-focused solution for Chrome devices, Chrome Browser, and Chrome OS. Chrome Enterprise offers cloud-native tools, integrations with third party products, and 24/7 support for IT administrators.

O Bar and Dining
Level 47 Australia Square, 264 George Street Sydney 2000

The Ortus Club has adapted its physical events to continue knowledge-sharing in the “new normal”. We will be creating the same valuable conversations in an even more exclusive space, following safety and health protocols along with social distancing arrangements.

Thursday, 27th of May, 2021

11:30 AM AEST

Hosted by:

MeganThe CxO Leaders’ Roundtable