The Cyber Threats in the DACH Region Webinar (German)

An exclusive webinar for Cyber Security and IT professionals in Germany

Hosted by Cloudflare, The Cyber Threats in the DACH Region Webinar is set up to offer a forum for cyber security and IT professionals from prominent companies in Germany who would like to learn about the latest attacks in the DACH region and how they can ward off these threats.

Please note that this webinar will be in German. 

Relevant job titles:

Presidents, CTOs, CSOs, CISOs, CIOs and Heads of IT Infrastructure, Engineering, Security Operations, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Business Information, Networking and IT roles.

Kevin Abe
Customer Development, DACH


Christian Ehrig
Solutions Engineer, DACH

Cyber ​​threats in the DACH region and how you can ward off attacks 

In the past few months, the DACH region has been significantly affected by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which particularly target banks, news sites and Internet service providers (ISP).

Watch this webinar and learn about the latest attacks in the DACH region and how Cloudflare is uniquely positioned to protect your company from DDoS attacks and cyber threats.

  • What is a DDoS attack?
  • How Cloudflare protects DACH customers from DDoS attacks
  • How Cloudflare detects and mitigates DDoS attacks
  • How can you protect yourself against DDoS attacks?

Cyber-Bedrohungen in der DACH Region und wie Sie Angriffe abwehren können

In den vergangenen Monaten war die DACH-Region erheblich von Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)-Angriffen betroffen, bei denen besonders Banken, Nachrichtenseiten und Internet Service Provider (ISP) ins Visier genommen wurden.

Sehen Sie sich dieses Webinar an und erfahren Sie über die jüngsten Angriffe in der DACH-Region und wie Cloudflare einzigartig positioniert ist, um Ihr Unternehmen vor DDoS-Angriffen und Cyber-Bedrohungen zu schützen.

  • Was ist ein DDoS-Angriff?
  • Wie Cloudflare DACH-Kunden vor DDoS-Angriffen schützt
  • Wie Cloudflare DDoS-Angriffe erkennt und abschwächt
  • Wie können Sie sich vor DDoS-Angriffen schützen?

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Thursday, 23rd April 2020

11:00 AM CEST

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