The Data Privacy Masterclass: Navigating the New Zealand Privacy Act Changes


April 7th, 2021

2:30 PM – 4:30 PM


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Data Governance

 Each year, we see a global increase in the number of cyberattacks and in the number of data loss incidents associated with data breaches. With your data residing in more locations than ever, managing confidential or sensitive information can be a challenge. Yet, it is crucial for your information governance, privacy and cybersecurity programs.

With more scrutiny being placed upon protecting sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), you need to answer these key questions:

  • What does your organization define as “sensitive” data?
  • Do you know where all that data resides? Can you easily secure or delete it if needed?
  • Can you proactively find and identify new data containing PII or other sensitive information?
  • What reports or audit tools do you have in place to track processes related to the management of sensitive data?

eDiscovery & Compliance

Changing regulations are also impacting the way in which data is handled and the privacy of that data ensured. The task of maintaining compliance with these regulations and your own organisation’s policies can be challenging. Increasing demands for specific information related to subject data requests and legal situations means you need to quickly find the right data, fast.

With your data residing in more places than ever before, how do you answer these compliance questions:

  • Can you quickly search for compliance data across all locations?
  • Can you proactively preserve key data sets for review?
  • What is your organization doing to respond to changing regulatory demands like GDPR and CCPA?
  • How long would it take for you to respond to a legal or compliance-related data subject request?

Key strategies to navigate the Privacy Act changes 

The recently released Privacy Act changes will have a remarkable impact on the current Australian and NZ business environment. Namely, the upcoming scenario is bound to present significant alterations concerning privacy breaches, the disclosure of sensitive information, and extraterritorial effect. 

As a result, Antipodean organisations are investing in integrated solutions aimed at facilitating a smooth transition, while ensuring the necessary changes can add value in other ways. Luckily, the implementation of strategic tools can support businesses in their growth and ensure adherence to a complex Privacy Bill. By implementing a thorough data-driven approach, companies can now prompt a faster response to compliance requests.

  • What are the fundamental changes to the 2020 New Zealand Privacy Act?
  • How is the new bill affecting businesses? How can they navigate such changes?
  • Can organisations use the upcoming shift to their advantage?


Director of Product Management 

An accomplished business and technology expert. Patrick is an authority on digital transformation, information governance, analytics, and many forms of data management for structured or unstructured information. Digital disruption impacts all businesses – traditional and born-digital – regardless of industry. Information is at the center of communication, collaboration, automation, and better decision-making. However, “going digital” goes beyond scaling the old ways of managing data.

Patrick currently leads marketing and thought leadership for Commvault’s solutions that support content and unstructured information, particularly in the context of archiving, search, and advanced analytics. He previously led thought leadership for digital transformation and Product Marketing at EMC’s Enterprise Content Division.

Patrick leverages his experiences as a marketer, service provider, and customer to help customers compete in today’s digital business environment. He is able to speak the language of executives, industry analysts, partners, influencers, and decision-makers – whether related to business or technology issues or in developing strategy and tactics.

President & Founder
FitzPatrick and Associates

As a global data privacy/protection and sovereignty expert, Sheila has worked with the US Government, the Council of the European Union, and country-specific data protection agencies in Europe, Asia/Pacific, and The Americas. She has worked with National Works Councils, European Works Councils and Law Enforcement Agencies.

As the liaison between management and the Works Councils, she has written over 550 model contracts and bargaining agreements in over 100 countries, and achieved Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) approvals for six multinational companies.

She provides expertise in global data protection compliance in over 160 countries, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data sovereignty, cyber security regulations and obligations, legal issues associated with cloud computing and big data, data breach compliance and management, and records management. In the past 38 years she has helped over 500 multinational corporations achieve full worldwide data protection compliance approvals.


2:30 PM: Welcome by The Ortus Club and short address from Commvault

2:35 PM: Icebreaker

2:40 PM: Fireside Chat: Navigating the Privacy Act Changes

3:40 PM: Interactive Poll Session

4:15 PM: Q&A Session

4:30 PM: End of Session


CIO at Compass Communications
CIO at Supply Chain Solutions
CIO at Kathmandu
CIO at Fliway
CIO at Presbyterian Support Northern
CTO at OnSend
CTO at Elive 
CTO at Well Revolution
CPO at Auckland Council
CPO at Canterbury District Health Board
CCO at Collinson & Co
CSO at Electric Kiwi
CAO at Collinson & Co
Managing Director and Privacy Officer at Pathfinder Labs
Head of Data Excellence at Z Energy
Head of Digital Innovation at Fonterra
Head of Analytics at NZX Limited
Head of Information at SKY Network Television
Head of Risk & Assurance at Fisher & Paykel Appliances
Head of Payment at Bank of New Zealand
Head of Security at Manukau Institute of Technology
Head of Security Engineering at EROAD
Head of ICT Security at KiwiRail
Head of Architecture & Security at Plexure
Head of People Analytics at Fonterra
Director of Analytics at EROAD
Director at Beca
Assoc. Director of IT Services at Massey University
Assoc. Director at Deloitte
Manager of Data Systems at Te Whanau O Waipareira
Manager of Audit Intelligence at New Zealand Defence Force
Manager of Legal Services at Christchurch City Council
Manage of Legal Services at Fisher & Paykel Appliances
Manager of Legal & Privacy at Kiwibank
Manager of Group Security & Cloud at Beca
Manager of Information Security at Royal NZ Plunket Trust
Manager and Privacy Officer at Healthpost
Systems & Implementation Engineer at Seequent
Enterprise Architect at Electric Kiwi
Security Operations Engineer at Callaghan Innovation
Risk & Compliance Consulting at SkyCity Entertainment Group
Principal Information Management Analyst at Ministry of Education
Sr. Investigation Advisor at Auckland Council
Privacy Officer at CCBHD
Product Lead at Auckland Council
ICT Security and Compliance Lead at Auckland Council

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