The Dua Lunch

An exclusive lunch discussion for business leaders based in Sydney, Australia

BPO and Captive Services: What makes the other better?

As a result of globalization and innovation, crossed-border operations have become easier for businesses to expand and gain a competitive edge. Captive Centers have been widely implemented by companies to grow, recruit skilled talents and maintain full control over the business process. BPOs, on the other hand, focus more on time and efficiency, giving them the authority to take over some business processes.

Being a situational decision, what would be the best course of action for businesses? We will be discussing:

– What is the main difference between traditional BPOs and Captive Services?
– How much does talent retention come into play when deciding the course of the expansion?
– Which is more scalable and sustainable? Why?

11:30 am: Arrival and coffee/tea reception
12:00 pmWelcoming and opening address
12:10 pm: Panel discussion on “BPO and Captive Services: What makes the other better?” initiated by the moderator and continued by the panelists
1:00 pm: Lunch is served as the discussion is brought to a close
1:45 pmChange of seats before dessert

Quay Restaurant

Overseas Passenger Terminal, Hickson Rd, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia





Tuesday, 13th of March 2018

Quay Restaurant, Sydney

Attended by:

Partner at Blenheim Partners

Managing Director at Development Finance Partners


Founding Partner at Sitback Solutions

Founder and CEO at Sound Scouts

Founder and CEO at Leezair

Board Member at Spriggy

CEO at Online Marketing Gurus

Co-Founder at Gomeeki

CEO at Guihen Jones

COO at Online Marketing Gurus

Founder and CEO at Style Atlas

Co-Founder and Joint CEO at Ordermentum


Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer at Wattblock

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at HIVERY

Co-Founder at HIVERY

Co-Founder an Chief Technology Officer at Switch Media

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at Switch Media

CEO at One Green Bean

Co-Founder and Group Client Services Director at Gruden

CEO and Founder at Productify

Client Director, Taxation at Bentleys NSW

Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director at JimJam Ideas

Founding Director and CEO at HIVERY

Co-Founder and CEO at Spares Box

Partner, Digital Services at PwC

Partner at EY

Hosted by:

Jess CirciThe Dua Lunch