The E-commerce Leaders Webinar

A webinar for IT professionals within the E-commerce sector

Hosted by Cloudflare, The E-commerce Leaders Webinar has been set up to offer a forum for IT professionals within the e-commerce sector and discuss how the COVID-19 emergency is impacting online commerce for businesses globally.

Join us for this exclusive webinar as the Cloudflare team discusses the best practice and tips on how to adapt websites to a surging demand and how to avoid the 6 common misconceptions about e-commerce.

Common Misconceptions of Surging Online Traffic

Learn how the COVID-19 emergency is impacting online commerce for businesses around the world, and how you can adapt to the evolving ‘new normal’ – while avoiding these common misconceptions:

  • Auto-scale will take care of traffic peaks
  • Our site isn’t big enough to be targeted for an attack
  • We can quickly bring our site back online
  • Improving performance and scale is too complicated and expensive
  • Our hosting provider has adequate security
  • This is temporary – things will be back to normal soon

Derek Yee – Director of Product Marketing at Cloudflare

Henrik Bjergegaard – VP of Sales at Queue-it

Cloudflare is a leading web performance and security company with the mission of building a better Internet.

At present, Cloudflare protects more than 22 million websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other high-speed services and various threats at the edge of the network.

Cloudflare’s network sends more than 10 trillion internet requests each month, accounting for nearly 10% of more than 2.8 billion internet requests worldwide.

Tuesday, 21st of April 2020

9:00 AM EST

Hosted by:

Mara Dela PazThe E-commerce Leaders’ Webinar