The Pandemic’s Impact on Consumer Expectations and what that means for Customer Experience

The Ortus Club is bringing together a select group of peers, responsible for maintaining or improving their customer experience, for a thought provoking discussion

The Ortus Club would like to invite you to join an industry virtual roundtable exploring the impact the pandemic has had on CX.

This is a great chance to meet peers, who in parallel to you, may be facing some of the same challenges with regards to customer experience strategy.

The discussion is designed to be interactive and participatory. Please RSVP via the registration form or you can reply directly to the guesting director, Danie Booth,

This event is for those who are responsible for, or looking to improve, customer experience within their respective organisations. Most of the participants are from B2C facing companies located in the UK or Ireland.

Attendance is by invitation only and is, of course, complimentary.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Consumer Expectations and what that means for CX (Customer Experience)

Due to the pandemic, customer expectations have changed forever. Today, brands need to be everywhere their customers are. The online shift of 2020 has made retailers see a 24% increase in support requests come in over WhatsApp, and 37% who added a new channel turned to social messaging.

Facing unprecedented volatility, businesses are now building more flexibility into how they work and serve customers, and agility has become a top priority. New channels such as chat or messaging allow retailers to remain present throughout the customer experience, regardless of how and when customers chose to interact with them.

We are bringing together a select group of heads, who are responsible for maintaining or improving customer experience within their organisation, for a virtual roundtable. We will be discussing:

  1. The change in consumer expectations as a result of the pandemic.
  2. What that means for customer experience and how can CX heads adapt.
  3. How companies are navigating this change to take advantage of new opportunities while mitigating the risks.

4:00 pm: Participants log on and welcome address form Ortus
4:05 pm: Introduction of  all participants
4:10 pm: Start of discussion, kicked off by the moderator
5:00 pm: Discussion bought to a close and end of virtual event

  • Head of Digital Delivery and Strategy at Lloyds Banking Groups
  • Director of Customer Success at CIPHR Limited
  • Head of Revenue & Customer Success at Peoplevine
  • Global CX Programs Manager at Dropbox
  • Founder and CX Director at Visibly Rocks
  • Director of Visual Merchandising at House of Fraser
  • CXO at Xe & Ria
  • Director – Retail Strategy at Ebay
  • IT Director at Vision Express
  • Head of Customer Messaging at Natwest Group
  • Chief Digital Officer at Lancashire County Council
  • Head of IT Development at Europa Group
  • + other peers looking to improve CX

Thursday, 17th of June, 2021

4:00 PM BST

Hosted by:

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