The M Club Breakfast

A meeting for Marketing Leaders of B2B companies in Geneva

Changing Role of the B2B Marketing Leader


It is not about playing differently — it is a different game. Marketers playing by the old rules could find themselves on the losing end of a game with stagnant growth and a diminishing customer base. We brought together marketing leaders from b2b companies for breakfast and discussion exploring the following:

  • How is the game-changing, is this the end of marketing as we know it?
  • Achieving the impossible, giving people what they want and when they want it?
  • How will these changes affect the role of the modern b2b marketing leader, do they need a different seat at the table?
8:00 am: Senior B2B marketing leaders meet for coffee and breakfast
8:30 am: Start of discussion on “The evolving role of a modern B2B marketing leader and what that actually means”
9:30 am: Closure of formal proceedings

Hotel d’Angleterre, Salon Parquet
Quai du Mont-Blanc 17, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

Thursday, 27th of July 2017

Hotel d’Angleterre, Salon Parquet, Geneva

Attended by:

Co-Founder and Director at Safe Host SA
Head of Marketing at Kudelski Security
Director and Sr. Advisor at Wipro
Director of Consulting at Business & Decision
Director of Business Development at BlueOrchard Finance
Director of Global Accounts at SAP Hybris
Manager of Business Relationships at Umanova
Manager of Accounts, Sales & Marketing Cloud Solutions at Oracle
Manager of Casting Product Marketing & Biz Dev at ESI Group
Global Marketing Lead Graphics Solutions Business at HP
Manager of Casting Product Marketing & Biz Dev at ESI Group
Sales Executive at SERIAL SA

Jess CirciThe M-Club Breakfast