The M Club Breakfast

A meeting for Senior Executives and Marketing Leaders of B2B companies in London

AI in B2B Marketing


We once predicted technology would allow marketers to reach consumers at a personalised level within a matter of years. Increased product variety and abundance of data would enable mass scale customisation of customer experience. Still, decades after people first envisioned these changes, they have yet to become a reality. In the case of B2B marketing, technology arguably makes consumers overwhelmed by choices, rather than offering a tailored solution to their needs.

The emergence of artificial intelligence, however, might finally push marketers closer to a one-to-one connection with their target audience. AI algorithms drive Amazon product recommendations, Netflix film suggestions and customised news content on a publisher’s site. But B2B marketers are lagging behind.

Incorporating AI and B2B marketing will change the role of the CMO in several ways. First of all, automating marketing activities will change the necessary competencies for traditional marketing roles. This, in turn, will require increased integration of the marketing and technology departments. Furthermore, CMOs will often have to realign company strategy to achieve personalised customer experiences.

We will be discussing:

  • How should marketing’s function evolve in the face of AI and automation?
  • Will new technologies in marketing affect CMOs’ involvement in strategy?
  • How can CMOs increase C-suite collaboration to align marketing efforts with larger organisational goals?
  • What capabilities must CMOs foster to enable the personalisation of marketing at a mass level?
8:00 am: Arrival and drinks reception
8:15 am: Welcoming and opening address
8:30 am: Breakfast Discussion on “AI in B2B Marketing” initiated by the moderator and continued by the group
9:00 am: Breakfast served as discussion is brought to a close
9:30 am: Change of seats before dessert

Quo Vadis Soho
26-29 Dean Street, London W1D 3LL

Wednesday, 15th of November

Quo Vadis Restaurant, London

Attended by:

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at International SOS
CMO at Acuity Solutions
Sr. Director of Marketing & Digital Transformation at Oracle
Sr. Director of Marketing & Operations at Blackline
VP of Offerings Marketingat Fujitsu Global

Jess CirciThe M-Club Breakfast