The Ortus CMO Group


An exclusive knowledge-sharing group for CMOs

The M Club is a community of marketing leaders all over the world. It hosts a series of knowledge-sharing events dedicated to b2b marketing leaders with the aim of building a business relationship for Ortus.

The idea is to host roundtables for marketing execs every other month. These can be guested either internationally or divided per country. Same people can be invited to keep them engaged. But ideally, we should try and invite as many new people as possible.

The aim will always be to sell Ortus. To do this, we are creating touchpoints with these marketing execs via virtual knowledge-sharing events, physical m club events in the future and the LinkedIn group where we will be posting meeting minutes, photos from the event and other relevant articles.

Compared to many company LinkedIn pages, our page is quite interactive as people always thank us for the event etc. So doing this for M-Club should be pretty straightforward too.

The LinkedIn group won’t be our main goal and it prob won’t be very active but we can use it as a base to share meeting minutes, illustrations, photos… To encourage interaction, we will post our usual events screenshots and tag everyone in the group, rather than on our Ortus page.

But the goal will always be to create a relationship with the execs whether that’s via email, Whatsapp or the LinkedIn group. The LinkedIn group will prob be for those who are not ready to do business with us yet but since they get notifications every time we post, this is a good way to make sure they don’t forget we exist.

Hannah HodkinsonThe M Club