The Marketing Leaders’ Virtual Roundtable

An exclusive online discussion for CX and Marketing leaders of prominent firms in North America

This virtual roundtable, sponsored by Automat, explores the potential of personalized customer experiences to drive business growth. Senior executives in CX and Marketing across North America will have the opportunity to share insights and experiences while learning about tools that can help them ask customers the right questions, learn their needs, and create shopping experiences that they love.

Job titles include CMO, CEO, VPs, Heads and other relevant executives in the marketing sector from prominent firms in North America.

Attendance is by invitation only and is, of course, complimentary.

Designing more intuitive CX in beauty

The era of made-for-all is over. Personalization, especially in the beauty sector, will pave the way forward. As more people go online, tools like virtual advisors, chatbots, and quizzes help satisfy increasingly complex customer needs. Now, every support query and every site visit can be a tailored customer experience.

Behavioral, first-party data is no longer simply a means to an end but an opportunity in itself. Companies can leverage this vast resource to make their digital channels operate more intuitively, curating products and services exactly how customers would want to access them.

  • How can leveraging conversational AI deliver superior CX?
  • What challenges do companies face when adopting personalization technologies?
  • What digital CX trends will define the next five years in the beauty sector?

2:00 pm: Welcome by The Ortus Club and short address from Automat
2:15 pm: Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the group
3:15 pm: Discussion brought to a close

Automat helps businesses provide personalized shopping experiences that increase sales by asking questions, listening to customer needs, and recommending products and bundles. After learning about a customer through conversation, Automat then personalizes the eCommerce website for their specific needs. The site personalization shows individual customers the products that are right for them—complete with product badges, ratings and reviews—in real-time and forever. Unlike traditional personalization that is so subtle that you can’t see or feel it, Automat provides AI-powered experiences that consumers love and that drive growth.

Wednesday, 18th of May, 2021

2:00 PM EDT

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