The Ortus Virtual Roundtable

For Marketing & Digital Transformation Leaders on Closing the Gap: Moving Events Online

A virtual roundtable for senior Marketing and Digital Transformation leaders on “Closing the Gap: Moving Events Online“. As well as hearing from other Marketing and Digital Transformation leaders about their experiences and challenges at this difficult time, participants will have the chance to share and gain insights on their own challenges.

If you are a senior Marketing or Digital Transformation leader from an enterprise company and are currently going through continuity or transformation challenges, this is a great virtual forum for you.

Marketing and Digital Transformation leaders and decision-makers from enterprise companies.

Job titles include: CDO, CMO, SVPs, VPs, Heads, Directors of Marketing and Digital

Please note, attendance is by invitation only and is complimentary for those invited.

Closing the Gap: Moving Events Online

The way that companies organise events has been dramatically affected by COVID-19 lockdowns. With the banning of mass-gatherings and increasing travel restrictions, event marketing is finally being forced towards digital transformation. The interest for digital, virtual, or even blended experiences is rising as it can potentially mean saving time and costs while reaching larger audiences. Could this be an opportunity for businesses to add innovative virtual events to their marketing initiatives?

Key points for discussion:

  • What are the pros and cons of hosting events online?
  • How can digital events be unique and engaging?
  • Will virtual events completely replace physical events?
  • Does remote participation enable a richer and more meaningful experience thanks to instant features and analytics?

10:50 am (GMT -7): Participants are encouraged to log in to the virtual room.

11:00 am (GMT -7): Welcome and short introduction by The Ortus Club

11:15 am (GMT -7): Discussion instigated by the moderator and continued by the participants on “Closing the Gap: Moving Events Online”

12:15 pm (GMT -7): Discussion brought to a close and end of virtual discussion.

The Ortus Club

The Ortus Club hosts knowledge-sharing discussions for senior executives, globally. It has been providing an environment for business leaders to come together and share experiences on specific business topics. Events have been hosted in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Mumbai, Geneva, Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas etc.

Thursday, 16th of April 2020

11:00 AM (GTM -7)

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