The Vika Dinner

An executive dinner for senior executives and decision-makers from the most prestigious pharmaceutical, healthcare companies and hospitals.

The Evolution of the Italian Health Sector


In recent years, healthcare has sought to integrate with other industrial sectors in order to offer a better customer experience.
The evolution of digital technologies, some specifically developed for healthcare (such as telemedicine, the Internet of Medical Things and wearable technology) and some from other sectors (such as artificial intelligence, the blockchain) have begun to demonstrate the ability to reduce healthcare costs overall, maintaining or improving the quality of care.

But with how technology is transforming the way people buy, earn and travel, great strides still have to be made in integrating healthcare. So far, digital transformation, while allowing positive changes, has not radically changed the services, processes or business models in the healthcare sector.

  • What are the obstacles to achieve a digital transformation in the health sector?
  • How do governments promote digital transformation in health systems?
  • What are the tangible values that healthcare professionals can offer patients by adopting digital innovations?
  • Are consumers actually open to the use of digital services in the health sector? To what extent?
  • What trends do you expect to have the most impact on healthcare?
  • How can large data analysis be used to reduce costs, track and prevent epidemics and detect medical fraud or identity theft?

6:30pm: Arrival and welcome drinks
7:00 pm: Short welcome speech by The Ortus Club
7:15 pm: Discussion introduced by the moderator and continued by the group
8:00 pm: Closing by the moderator; Final words and brief thanks
9:00 pm: Change of seats before dessert

Park Hyatt Hotel
Via Tommaso Grossi, 1, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Tuesday, 3rd of December 2019

Park Hyatt Hotel, Milan

Attended by:

CEO of UCB Pharma
CEO of Italfarmaco
COO of Sanifast
COO of Humanitas San Pio X
Group COO of NTC Pharma
Chief Services Officer of Cromsource
President & Health Director of ASST Nord Milano
Head of External Relations of Walgreens Boots Alliance
Head of Region Europe of Zambon
Head of Area International Patients of Gruppo San Donato
Vice President, Strategy & Operations of IQVIA Italia
General Manager of GE Healthcare
General Manager of Teva Pharmaceuticals
General Manager of Guna
Medical Affairs & Clinical Development Director of Alcon
Health Director of Humanitas San Pio X
Group Purchasing and Supply Chain Director of Recordati
Production Process Technologist of ACS DOBFAR
Processes Officer of Humanitas Group
Clinical Liaison Manager of Gruppo San Donato

Hosted by:

Zoe TuicoThe Vika Dinner